Building Leadership

At OREA, we focus on developing our volunteer leaders to become some of the strongest in the country. Strong leadership at the provincial and local levels enables real estate Boards and Associations to respond and anticipate changes impacting the profession.

To support the development of our elected leaders and ensure they are equipped to make the best decisions on behalf of  Members, we kicked off 2019 with our annual PEAK Leadership conference – a two-day learning and networking event with a focus on advancing leadership skills. In 2019, we expanded the event and doubled our attendance, opening the conference to staff leaders and volunteers from Boards and Associations across the province for the first time ever.

We believe in continual improvement and never has this been more evident than in 2019. We introduced new programs, including a Director’s stream, for Leadership Training and nearly every course offered by the Ontario Centre for Leadership Development (OCLD) was upgraded or redesigned.

To help new Members get up to speed quickly and learn about all the services and benefits available to them, in 2019 we launched a new Member Orientation campaign. This enables a faster onboarding to OREA! Additionally, we brought on two new leadership trainers to our in-house team to continue to ensure we offer best-in-class training and value-add development opportunities.

To start building the future leaders in our industry, we also introduced a new mentoring program. In her dedication to board succession, 2019 President Karen Cox led this program which attracted 11 mentees, to ensure that talented experienced Members continue to step up to contribute to the OREA board and committees.

[COMING IN 2020]

MyAcademy is OREA’s new learning management system. Members will be able to take leadership courses, access educational webinars and watch orientation tutorials on this new robust platform.

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