Foundation Grants

REALTORS® are one of the most civic-minded professions and as part of their role in the community the profession has a reputation for giving back. In 2019, the Foundation was proud to give out $1.18 million in grants to shelter-related organizations across Ontario. These funds support many types of shelter related causes, from soup kitchens, to Habitat for Humanity, children’s breakfast programs and much more.

OREA’s grant to the ORCF

In 2019, OREA gave a one-time grant of $5 million to the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation (ORCF). This enables the ORCF to begin 2020 with a significant strategic planning session and look forward to delivering to communities as a result of this grant.

Real Heart Campaign – celebrating the good works of Ontario REALTORS®

Learn more about the Real Heart campaign

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