Standard Forms Update Webinar

Every year, REALTORS® tell us that our Standard Forms are the most valuable tools offered by OREA. With over 200 Forms and over 300 Clauses available to REALTORS®, they are used by Members province-wide in almost every real estate transaction to ensure REALTORS® speak the same language in their business.

In 2019, we set records in our promotion and outreach programs to educate and help REALTORS® understand the many intricacies of hundreds of Forms and Clauses.

We reached the 180 Outreach Sessions mark, with 65 sessions alone in 2019 for over 2,500 participants. This was a 20 per cent increase in our sessions from 2018.

Over 6,000 Members participated in our webinars and tutorials and we expanded our Forms Explained tools by 10 per cent. Based on feedback, we know that Members have questions and so we strive to deliver a comprehensive understanding accessible any time of the day.

[COMING IN 2020]

OREA will be launching a Forms ChatBot that will be available 24/7, helping Members access Forms Resources quickly and establish answers to frequently asked Member questions.

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